What Everyone Must Know About a Boho-Style Kitchen

Boho-style is undoubtedly the latest trend—the lively and vibrant style is taking a turn from clean and pristine. People are opting out from traditional kitchens to boho-style kitchens. Boho-style kitchens celebrate the joy of living, making it perfect for cooking and spending some quality time with friends and family.

The best part of boho is its bustling and upbeat style, and it is effortless to implement old art and vintage pieces to fit any budget. A boho-style kitchen can become the heart of your home.

Plants are certainly the lifeline of a boho-style kitchen

Plants are living decorations that lend a much-needed and relaxed feel to a space. It is hard to imagine a boho-style kitchen without cacti and succulent plants to enrich the area. The key is to generously display houseplants in various ways to instill a refreshing and lively boho vibe into the kitchen.

Vibrant colors are a quick and easy way to bring out a boho vibe

From cheerful, warm colors to dazzling, cool shades, there is certainly no right and wrong when it comes to a boho-inspired kitchen. Create unique color combinations and rich hues that can truly bring out the perfect feel and ambiance into the kitchen.

Create a statement-making backsplash

A boho-style kitchen gives the perfect opportunity to be bold and adventurous with a backsplash, from bright colors and rich textures to bold and playful patterns to animate. The idea is to make the backsplash stand out from the rest of the area for a kitchen that truly makes a statement.

Rugs are certainly welcome in a boho-inspired space

A defining feature of a boho-style kitchen is rich textures. The right rug can paint the floor in bright colors and patterns, instantly updating the boho-style kitchen. 

Vibrant and colorful flooring is just what a boho-style kitchen needs

Beautiful flooring tiles can showcase colors and patterns on a large scale. Implementing bold geometric patterns and intricately detailed vegetal design can adorn flooring to uplift a boho-inspired kitchen.

Cabinets adorned in jewel tones

Painting cabinets in bright jewel tones is another successful way to add color and life to the kitchen. Dazzling shades of sapphire blue to mustard yellow and hot pinks, the rich colors can undoubtedly uplift the bold and cheerful aura of a bohemian kitchen. Let the cabinets glisten in a jewel tone in return for a kitchen that instantly delivers the right boho vibes.

Warm and rich textures in the kitchen

Boho-style kitchens are all about rich textures favoring a maximalist space. The richness and variety of textures lend a casual aura to the room. Add curtains, a table cloth, napkins, and rugs to the area to add a warm and comforting feel to the kitchen. DIY macramé and jute wall art have also been trending as a lively addition to the kitchen.

Patterned curtains instantly click with the boho-style kitchen

Beautiful curtains can give just the right amount of spark to the kitchen, adorned in bright colors and bold patterns. While any design may work, botanical patterns and designs inspired by nature are certainly a hit when it comes to boho-inspired spaces.

Open shelves are a must-have to complete a boho-style kitchen

Open shelves allow for a much-needed, casual, and laid-back feel in the kitchen. Open shelves can also provide the perfect opportunity to display favorite décor items, utensils, and houseplants. Several open shelves can vouch for a bohemian kitchen full of life.

Hanging Wall Décor

Bohemian style is all about the richness of textures, patterns, and colors to utilize every corner. It is a great idea to hang décor further to add a unique and vibrant touch to a kitchen. The décor can hang from plants, pots, utensils to dried herbs and baskets to give the kitchen a beautiful and casual boho vibe.

Kitchenware as Personalized Décor

Just as in any room, a kitchen can have personalized décor. Kitchenware is certainly worth showing off as customized décor, with hanging décor and open shelves; it gives the perfect opportunity to display all pots, utensils, jars and bowls to add a unique and personalized touch to the kitchen.

Rattan and wicker pendant lights from the ceiling

A kitchen that embraces nature is undoubtedly a hit with boho-inspired spaces. There is nothing like rattan and wicker pendant lamps for a perfect finishing touch to a kitchen. The soft natural textures of rattan can induce a relaxing aura that is indeed central to any boho-style kitchen.

Boho-style kitchens are essentially personalized spaces where one can utilize favorite collectibles and kitchenware to add life and vibrancy to the area. Boho-inspired spaces has undoubtedly emerged as full of life, showing the richness of colors, textures, and patterns with a refreshing touch of planters.

A boho-style kitchen is a casual and relaxed space that is perfect for cooking and entertaining guests. If you’re ready to bring the boho look to any room in your home, let’s get started with a free consultation and quote!