Bathroom Renovation #1

Your home's bathroom is an important part of your lifestyle. When it comes to bathroom remodels in North Texas you shouldn't settle for anything but the best. We take pride in helping homeowners achieve their dream bath through precision execution and attention to detail.

Client review

Axel and his team did a great job on my upstairs bathroom!! They were prompt and courteous throughout the entire project. Highly recommended!

Christina Z.
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A beautiful luxury bathroom remodel with both modern and classic elements.

When our client told us that she wanted to renovate her bathroom, we were thrilled. We had been working with her for a few years and knew that she had a very specific vision for her renovation.Our team worked with the client to design her new bathroom including a new bathtub, walk in shower, and two separate vanities.

We used the color scheme of a rich dark blue, luxury gold, marble countertops, and patterned floor tiling. The result was a beautiful luxury bathroom with both modern and classic elements.

The client was very specific about what she wanted in her new bathroom. She wanted the room to feel modern and luxurious. She loved the idea of having two separate vanities so she could have more counter space for makeup and hair products. The client was also very interested in having a walk-in shower to start the day with. She also wanted a large soaking tub where she could relax while reading after work.

Our team did an excellent job during this renovation project by meeting all of our clients needs and expectations!

Before & After

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