Tour Of 5 Stunning Rooms From Dallas Vintage Luxury Homes

Dallas luxury homes include one of the most unique and exquisite designs. Embracing its occupants’ personality and cultural roots, the interior spaces remain rich in details. The style of these vintage homes vouches for the perfect union between past and present to deliver a timeless interior space. These vintage houses bring history and nostalgia with areas that still feel current and vibrant with a thoughtful design.

Dallas vintage styled homes can serve as a great guide for adding more meaning and personality for a more comfy, livable, and high-end space. Let’s tour some of the most beautiful interior spaces from Dallas vintage luxury style homes.

The dream home of architect and designer Eddie Maestri features an interior space that feels contemporary and nostalgic at the same time. Maestri and his husband, Adam Moore, immediately fell in love with the mid-century modern house located in Preston Hollow in North Dallas. The architect decided to accentuate the vintage vibe of the home with his own eclectic spin. The aim was to instill a cheerful aura with some unexpected and eye-catching details.

An eclectic kitchen with a vibrant pop of colors and patterns

The perfect example remains the exuberant and lively kitchen of the home—the design bids farewell to modern, minimal designs for a kitchen that feels current. The kitchen beautifully showcases retro details gleaming with personality. The stylish bar stools, hood, and stove add retro glam to the space.  With the lemon and seafoam wallpaper, rich wooden textures, and patterned tiles, the kitchen is a perfect blend of colors, textures, and patterns.

The highlight remains the unexpected pop of color featured on the island—a white surfboard-shaped marble slab perched upon a bright yellow island with arch legs. The exuberant island immediately grabs the eye to brighten up the entire space, making it perfect for entertaining and chilling out with friends and family.

A traditional library filled with antiques and treasures


The finds and treasures of decorative art collector and dealer Betty Gertz find the perfect home in this Dallas residence. A few minutes away from Downtown, the house remains hidden in shrubs, vines, and trees, to surprise the visitors with hidden treasures inside. Embracing the charm of old and worn-out items, Gertz takes pride in delivering a home that feels as if it existed like this for generations.

This exquisite antique collection showcases a gracious multi-purpose library. Providing a glimpse of history, the library delivers grandeur with a touch of grace and elegance. The rustic and intricately detailed bookshelves built around circa-1700 French pilasters remain the central feature filled with an exquisite collection of books and antiques; the shelves reach for the ceiling to serve as an impressive focal point of the room. The grandeur of the library accentuates the library shelving and an equally charming fireplace. One of the most interesting features remains the cocktail table, covered in Flemish tapestry; the table instantly delivers a warm and lived-in feel to the space.

While filled with antiques and historical treasures, the designers add pops of vibrant colors to make the space feel bright and airy. The flooring includes mismatched parquet de Versailles collected from seven different homes to sum up the entire drama. The unexpected patterns upon the floor, lively pops of colors, and a unique collection of antiques make this room a perfect union between past and present.

A sophisticated master bathroom enriched in traditional charm
The focus of interior design now remains to deliver spaces with more character and personality. A home can attain more meaning and distinctiveness when connected to one’s culture and heritage. A two-story Georgian brick house beautifully celebrates the cultural origin of its current owner. Located in University Park in Dallas, the house attains character and personality with rich details. The unique design details each pay a positive nod to the European background of the owner for a luxurious and sophisticated home.

The designer instills cultural nostalgia into the home without making it feel stuffy or dated. The stunning master bathroom of the house sets the perfect example. The gorgeous white tiles and soft grey walls of the bathroom make the space feel bright and airy. The neutral scheme is reinforced with a traditional white tub and marble-clad shower area to deliver a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The bathroom is full of personality and charm with an airy, clean-lined design featuring just the right amount of traditional elegance. The great navy blue vanity takes center stage, creating a sharp contrast with the neutral and airy scheme. The stunning and sophisticated piece enriches classic vintage details, gracefully curving nickel legs, and finishes with a vintage faucet. The vanity nods to European heritage in the most sophisticated way. The designers opt for sleek and minimal mirror and light fixtures to balance the traditional vanity.

A high-end and comfy home office

Since the past year, home offices have become a major focus in residential design. A residence in Dallas’ Highland Park vouches for a stylish and comfortable workspace. Different materials and design elements deliver a functional and beautiful office. Being a perfect place to work and hang out, the home office elegantly shows off the owner’s personality.

The most dynamic feature remains the wall molding enriched in a deep and saturated color. The moody color instantly lends a high-end appeal to the home office. Charming shelves, brass-framed mirrors, and a marble fireplace brighten up the space to accentuate the drama. The two leather upholstered accent chairs provide a warm and plush contrast to the entire setting, accompanying a cozy rug, and the chairs become the perfect spot to seat clients or take a relaxing break within work hours.

Since the setting remains dark, the designer opts for a charming wooden table to bring warmth to the space. A console table holds stylish artwork and accessories to serve as a great backdrop. It is noteworthy that the designer has controlled the drama on this side to not compete with the feature wall, including the shelving and fireplace. Another breath of fresh air remains the exclusive artwork, collectibles, and books that lighten up the space. These make the area feel collected and lived-in to reflect the owner’s stylish, sophisticated and comfortable home office.

The home tour aims to provide some useful tips for adding style and personality to one of the most functional spaces of your own home. From the eclectic kitchen that reflects the cheerful character of the owner to a bathroom that pays a positive nod to the cultural origin of the occupants, each space remains unique. It connects with one’s personality and culture to give more meaning to the interior space.

Artwork, collectibles, and design details feature the distinct personality of each individual. Betty Gertz’s library was built around her antique treasures, while the study included the owner’s collectibles to add more character to the space.

The design world seems to move away from minimal and monotonous interior spaces for homes that integrate stories and memories, vouching for a wholesome living experience.