Top Outdoor Patio Trends: Smart Grills, Feature Walls, and Waterproof Decks

Post-pandemic, our patios have evolved into one of the most dynamic and versatile spaces in the house. The idea is to make outdoor spaces a part of the everyday routine so that you can enjoy a dose of fresh, open air each day while sitting at home. Several activities are now being attached to outdoor spaces to make it more enjoyable and fun. With the emergence of smart technology and versatile furniture pieces, trends this year are all about extending the comfort of your interior spaces to the outdoors. Employ the following trends into your own patio to make most of the time spent at home.

Cook in smart outdoor kitchens:

Outdoor kitchens have become one of the most valuable additions to a patio. Many people have found great joy, cooking in the fresh, open air. The emergence of new and more convenient grills has further given outdoor cooking a great boost. With smart grills, you can determine the optimum technique and cooking time to enjoy a perfect meal. Being operated from your smartphone with voice commands, the smart grills remain a hassle-free option, so that you can easily focus on spending quality time outside with friends and family.

Even the addition of an oven or grill would become a fun and refreshing way to enjoy cooking outside. It could function as your satellite kitchen to become an extension of your main indoor kitchen. If you have a larger patio, then an independent kitchen could be a great way to enjoy your time outdoors. With a prep space, sink and refrigerator, you have everything to cook and enjoy a perfect meal in your patio. Outdoor kitchens have certainly paved the way to another enjoyable activity at home.

Enjoy flavors of the world with edible garden:

During the pandemic, one thing that we all missed was traveling to different places. In an attempt to satisfy the desire, many individuals began planting herbs in their outdoor patios. The world herb garden became the perfect way to enjoy flavors and tastes around the globe.

Vouching for a satisfying and rewarding experience, the trend of planting food and herbs remained popular even after the lockdown. Edible gardens served as a great way to add nutrition and flavor to the everyday meal. While homegrown fruits and vegetables can add a beautiful array of colors and texture to your patio. To make the most out of your outdoor spaces, an edible garden could be the most rewarding addition.