Top Five Flooring Trends of 2021

Contemplating giving your home a design refresh? Flooring can play a huge part in transforming the overall feel and look of the space. The year 2021 is the perfect time to upgrade your flooring. The latest trends allow you to embrace natural texture with innovative materials and solutions. For the adventurous souls, this year presents some bold flooring options. Here are the top 5 flooring trends we’ve seen from some of the major design influential cities of Texas including Frisco, Dallas, and Richardson. This comprehensive guide empowers you to select the perfect flooring material and design to complement your home.

Marble look alike porcelain tiles

Flooring trends of 2021 heavily rely on wood and stone textures. These natural textures can completely transform the feel and ambiance of your space. For this reason, marble stands ahead as the leading interior design trend this year. The alluring texture of marble presents luxury in the classiest way for a complete design refresh. From traditional to contemporary style, marble remains the ultimate choice for any high-end interior design. Regardless, one of the major concerns with marble remains the price associated with the material.

This year, things look different with the increased popularity of marble look alike porcelain tiles. Now you don’t have to worry about the hefty price associated with the stone and still get the aesthetic you want. You certainly can have the elegance of marble combined with an affordable and durable material. Further, waterproof porcelain tiles are easy to clean and require low maintenance. Thus it remains the most versatile tile that can be installed from your living room to kitchen and bathrooms. Most importantly, marble textures are a timeless interior design update. It is truly an investment that would stay with your home for a very long period. This year remains the perfect time to invest in this timeless beauty with marble look alike porcelain tiles.

Wide plank laminate flooring:

Wooden textures also remain at top of the 2021 design trend list. For the warmth and comfort associated with wood is certainly unbeatable. To be honest, wooden flooring has never really gone out of fashion. It is the range of products that keep evolving each year. This year, laminate flooring will certainly lead the way. Laminate remains the most affordable material. Without a doubt, the wood textured material is gaining more popularity every year. Laminates are waterproof, scratch-resistant, and pet friendly. This flooring is perfect for any room of the house, revealing a cozy and comfortable interior design update.

When installing laminate flooring this year, opt for wide planks. Big tiles and planks have been popular in commercial spaces, allowing for a more open space. This year, the trend is making its way into residential spaces, allowing for a visually open and larger space. To make the most of this popular trend, a great idea is to select lighter shades of wood. This can multiply the effect of your wide planks to exaggerate the visual boundaries of the space. Wide plank laminates are your ultimate choice for a breathable, but utterly warm and cozy, space.

Photo by Watermark Designs

High variation Luxury Vinyl:

Today, technological advances call for a new and improved range of wooden textures that remain affordable. Among these luxury vinyl stands ahead as an attractive, yet, low maintenance material. Being resistant to dents, moisture, and heat, luxury vinyl trends as one of the best flooring materials this year. The materials offer a wide variety of colors and patterns for a more personalized look. Luxury vinyl is perfect for a contemporary kitchen and bathroom, adding a warm and cozy aura into the space.

Another major reason that luxury vinyl remains one of the top trends is that the material can feature an exclusive look. Available in a high variation of colors, the material is sought for a natural and rustic look. The color of each plank varies to create a unique, handcrafted look that can closely mimic natural wood, thus creating a powerful design statement. If you want to create a unique and personalized wooden flooring, then high variation luxury vinyl tiles should certainly be your pick this year.

Black and white decorative tiles:

For individuals looking for a more personalized look, decorative flooring remains near the top interior design trends this year. Tile carpet and vinyl each offer a wide variety of patterns, shapes, and colors. You can definitely add some fun and personality through decorative tiles. Geometric patterns are taking the lead this year to create a powerful statement in your home. The idea remains to go bold and beautiful to express yourself with this interior design update.

If you are feeling adventurous, then an exclusive trend awaits you. Presenting perfect contrast, black and white decorative tile remains the most exciting trend this year. The combination can introduce an element of surprise into your bathroom or kitchen design. The flooring adds a vintage touch to your space. Black and white decorative tiles are the perfect choice for a bold and dramatic interior space. So give your home a quick design refresh with these tiles.

Cool-toned flooring:

The flooring color scheme for 2021 deeply embraces cool tones. Shades of blue and green remain the major focus this year. These colors create a relaxing atmosphere. In this aspect, blue remains the most requested color. Lighter shades of blue add a soothing aura to any space. On the other hand, darker tones of blue feature as the new neutral. It is the most versatile color that can add drama to any space. If you are looking for something unconventional, combining shades of blue and green can result in a unique color scheme. It can provide a break from the conventional neutral shades, offering a color scheme that can stand out and elevate your design.

This year, consider cool tones for your flooring. Wood and stone look alike porcelain tiles remain your go-to option. If you are looking for flooring that mimics natural wood, then laminate and luxury vinyl are perfect choices. You can explore a wide variety of wood and stone textures on our site or in our storeroom. We’ll even bring our design consult session to your home. With our range of low maintenance material you can enjoy a hassle free, cozy, and comfortable home environment. Most importantly, the year 2021 is the perfect time to look for eco-friendly materials. Adopt eco-friendly flooring options while you upgrade and adorn your home with these latest flooring trends. Explore our range of trendy and innovative flooring solutions for the highest quality material and top-tier customer service.