It’s Time to Elevate Your Home Bar

We have seen a new emerging trend in residential design. Bars have now become an integral feature of any luxury home. There is certainly something special in pouring a drink within the comfort of your home. With built-in home bars, you have the perfect place to entertain and enjoy your cocktail hours. It has allowed interior designers the opportunity to explore a bold and classy design palette to capture the ambiance of bars and restaurants within our home. Following are a few trending bar designs that can genuinely elevate the atmosphere and experience of your home bar.


Make a design statement with your home bar

Home Bars make a powerful statement to entice and invite your guest for a drink. Even if you are enjoying a drink by yourself, you deserve an elevated experience. Individuals and designers alike have the perfect opportunity to explore a bold and sophisticated set of materials and finishes to make a unique design statement.

One of the best ways to enhance the look of your home bar is to add a graphic backsplash. Tiles tend to serve as an eye-catching and sophisticated backdrop for your home bar without overpowering the space. Tiled backsplash works best for bars extending your living room, dining area, or kitchen. If you have space mainly dedicated to a bar, then it’s time to be a little adventurous. Oversized artwork or vintage-inspired floral wallpapers continuously deliver the most fashionable design features to make your home bar stand out and withstand changing trends.

Explore and experiment with bold and moody colors

Bold and moody colors instantly lend a high-end cocktail bar feel. Use a unique and eye-catching color palette to elevate your home bars. One of the most trending colors remains black, which can immediately add drama to your home bar. The bold color lends a sleek and sophisticated touch.

If you want to stay classic, then navy blue is the chicest color to give a sumptuous feel. To add more refreshing and lively hues to your bar, opt for emerald green and soft olive to bring in earthy tones. Combined with a shiny lacquer finish, the color can instantly bring a charming and high-end feel to your home bar. Not to forget the TikTok trend of colored block arches that can add just the right amount of color and vibrancy.

Show off your wine collection and top-shelf liquors with open shelving

Open shelves have become one of the most stylish and handy design features of a home bar and a way to show off your wine or liquor collection. The feature works well for a compact bar where open shelving can give an illusion of a more expansive and open space. It can also elevate a sizable wet bar by providing the perfect opportunity to display and showcase your liquor, wine glasses, and mixers. So swap your standard upper cabinet with custom-designed bar shelving. From contemporary glass shelves to sophisticated metallic brackets, we are always excited to help you design and find several creative ways to display your wine collection, liquors, and barware with open shelving.

Add a mirror backsplash to the bartender wall

Due to lack of space, many bars are installed in a small nook within the house. For such small bars, a mirror backsplash does wonders in expanding the area. Mirrors give an illusion of a larger space without compromising on the style quotient. The shiny, reflected surface of the mirror remains the perfect way to glam up your home bar, multiplying flames, lights, and glossy finishes. From beveled edges to an antique mirror finish, you certainly have room to experiment with your mirror backsplash to make a powerful design statement.

Glam up with metallic accents

Adding glam to any space, such as metallic accents, remains the most exclusive accessory for a home bar. From metal hardware to shelving, each can easily capture the sumptuous and elegant feel of a restaurant or bar in your home. Brass accents remain the most trending material, with rose gold making a solid appearance. The warmth of brass instantly adds sophisticated charm to space. Similarly, silver accents effortlessly bring about a soothing and glamorous touch to your home bar.  Metallic accents serve as a perfect way to upgrade your home bar easily and seasonally without breaking the bank.

Opt for a stand-out countertop

Many homeowners are now looking for ways to make their home bar stand out from their kitchen. The easiest way to achieve this is through a countertop that is unique and stylish. Many different materials are explored within a home bar to give a trendy restaurant or bar-like feel. Exclusive wood and marble tops serve as the most classy and sophisticated counters. To take your home bar to the next level, cast pewter and stainless steel countertops have also emerged as an eye-catching design feature of home bars. Being a durable, waterproof, and eco-friendly Quartz countertop remains the most convenient and attractive option for your home bar.

Add mood lighting to uplift your home bar

For many of us, home bars are a space to enjoy some quality time with friends or simply a place to give yourself a time-out after a tiring day. Beyond aesthetics, the ambiance of your home bar truly matters. Mood lighting can provide the perfect atmosphere to your home bar. Instead of lighting up the whole space, try to add soft lighting to create a cozy and intimate setting. Highlight your bar wall with wall sconces, introduce pendant lights upon the countertop, and lastly, use accent lighting to show off your wine collection. Utilize lighting fixtures as a unique design feature to uplift your home bar. If you’re willing to add some drama, the TikTok trending sunset lamp is an easy yet powerful way to set the mood in your bar.

Go big in a backyard bar

Many individuals have remodeled their backyard shed into a full-fledged wet bar. If you want to take your home bar to the next level, consider remodeling your backyard shed to accommodate a large sink, microwave, and fridge to keep everything within reach. From mixing up your cocktail and pouring a glass of water to having the luxury of preparing a small snack, a backyard bar could be the perfect way to enjoy your cocktail hours. If you love to entertain, it will serve as a beautiful addition to your backyard.

With a backyard wet bar, you can explore more convenient and hassle-free flooring options. Waterproof Vinyl flooring allows you to enjoy your cocktail hour without any worries. The flooring also offers a great variety of colors and textures to elevate your home bar. Waterproof Vinyl flooring is especially a good option for ones living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where flooding from thunderstorms may be a significant problem. Save yourself from the hassle by installing the right flooring in your wet bar.

Home bars have now transformed into one of the most exclusive and stylish spaces in the house. You can explore with bold colors and a luxurious material palette to capture the feeling of a high-end bar. The best part, there is no last-call at your bar. You have the freedom to style and design your home bar the way you like to make your cocktail hours more special.