Integrate Ultramarine Blue Into the Home

Ultramarine blue remains one of the finest shades of blue. Refreshing, cool, and vibrant, ultramarine is perfect for bringing any home to life. The color has a history as one of the most intense and vivid shades of blue. The strong presence of ultramarine blue has now made its way into homes. It is the perfect way to add a bit of drama and liveliness to an interior space. Following are some great ways to integrate ultramarine blue in the area to transform the home into a refreshing and lively retreat.

History of ultramarine blue color

The strikingly vibrant color of ultramarine blue serves as an inspiration for many renowned artists. The color first gained recognition by French painter Jacques Majorelle. Majorelle instantly fell in love with the city of Marrakech, Morocco. Deeply inspired by the light and color of the town, he built his own home in Marrakech, known today as Majorelle Garden. It was here that the Majorelle first displayed his passion for ultramarine blue. Creating his pigment, the artist painted the entire house in an intense and vibrant shade of blue, now known as Majorelle Blue. The color maintains proximity with ultramarine blue to transform the aura and ambiance of the Majorelle Garden beautifully. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction where Majorelle Blue takes the center in the garden.

Majorelle or Klein Blue both serve as the most refreshing shade of ultramarine blue to enliven the home. Being made from the precious gemstone Lapis Lazuli, MajorelleBblue remained expensive. Yves Klein created his synthetic version to make the color more accessible. Klein celebrated the hue with monochrome paintings enriched in ultramarine blue.

Create a statement wall with ultramarine blue

An ultramarine wall can grab immediate attention to inject a dose of personality into the home. Add the soothing touch of blue into a lively and exotic color to any wall space. Ultramarine blue is a perfect choice for a statement wall. Since the hue maintains a strong presence, it is advisable to paint only one wall in color. An ultramarine feature wall is also a great way to exaggerate the visual boundaries of a small room. The wall can create depth perception to make a space appear larger by painting a wall in this fresh and vibrant shade of blue.

To style an ultramarine blue wall to perfection, pair it with white. A trim painted in crisp white can provide the perfect finishing touches to a blue feature wall. White furnishing also serves as the ideal complement to the color. A white sofa can elegantly stand out and add to the overall impact of the feature wall. To create a vibrant and light-hearted feel, pair ultramarine blue with an eclectic mix of colors and textures. This versatile shade of blue creates a fresh and true look.

Give a charming update to furniture

Willing to make a bold statement with furniture? Consider repainting it in ultramarine blue. The ultramarine blue is emerging as one of the finest shades of blue. Ultramarine is perfect for giving a high-end appeal to any piece of furniture. The color can make furniture stand out to add to the elegance of any space. To provide the ultimate touches of luxury, pair it with brass or gold accents. The warmth of these accents can beautifully complement the fresh and cool ultramarine color to add sophisticated charm to any corner of the home.

Ultramarine can add depth, elegance, and a dose of playfulness to the piece. Ultramarine blue is also a great choice for upscaling or repurposing furniture. The color can add depth and beautifully accentuate the details of an old vintage piece. Another effective approach for upscaling vintage furniture is to reupholster an old sofa or vintage chair. Refurbishing with a fabric adorned in ultramarine stripes, Ikat, or chevron patterns can bring a light-hearted and fun twist to the old chair.

Add a vibrant pop of color to the home

Ultramarine is the perfect tool to give any space a vibrant pop of color. Accessories adorned in this lively color are now trending as the ideal way to enliven a dull or monotonous space. Even wall art hinting at ultramarine blue can bring a vibrant spark to any area. Ultramarine can completely transform the look of a sofa with throw pillows adorned in stripes or chevron patterns. Ultramarine pillows can become a perfect complement to a nautical or coastal theme.

Another area where ultramarine accessories are gaining popularity is ceramics. Imagine a vibrant ultramarine vase accompanied by yellow marigolds or dahlias. The combo set upon a coffee or dining table can serve as a unique and eye-catching detail. Chinoiserie-style vases and ginger jars have become an exotic way to introduce color into the home. Lastly, plates and tableware can beautifully showcase the dynamic ultramarine color. These charming and vibrant plates can also be used as wall decor to give an eclectic update to the home.

Enliven the kitchen with ultramarine blue

Ultramarine blue is trending as one of the most popular colors for kitchens. Achieving the right balance between a vibrant and soothing shade of blue serves as the perfect way to enliven the kitchen. The best part is that it can pair with any decor style. Ultramarine cabinetry paired with a marble top and brass accents can vouch for an utterly elegant and sophisticated kitchen. The vibrant color also works well with wood to deliver a farmhouse or boho-inspired kitchen. Wood flooring serves as the perfect complement to ultramarine cabinetry.

If painting the entire kitchen cabinets in ultramarine is a bold move, then introducing a small pop of color into the space is best. Even a hint of color in the kitchen can add a vibrant spark. An ultramarine backsplash serves as one of the most popular ways to enliven a kitchen. Vouching for a unique design approach, paint the kitchen hood in ultramarine blue featuring a charming and unexpected dose of color. The lively hood will make a powerful design statement in the kitchen. Ultramarine blue is perfect for adding color, playfulness, and a whole lot of drama to the kitchen.

Add some drama to the bathroom

Ultramarine blue remains the ultimate choice to upgrade the bathroom. The color can become a true savior for small bathrooms. Opt for walls enriched in color to add a dose of drama and sophistication to a compact bathroom. Tiles adorned in color can serve as a great option to vouch for a dramatic and elegant bathroom. Ultramarine walls can also create a sense of depth to exaggerate the visual boundaries of the space.

Utilizing the power of ultramarine tiles cleverly and artfully can give a vibrant upgrade to a bathroom. For a more subtle approach, combine ultramarine with white. The lower half remains white, while the upper area can be enriched in ultramarine to add depth and dimension to the bathroom. The combination can vouch for the perfect contrast to add sophisticated charm to the bathroom. Another interesting way to uplift the bathroom is through the flooring. Decorative ultramarine flooring in an all-white bathroom is sure to make a dramatic and powerful statement.

Ultramarine serves as a lively color that can truly enrich and elevate the home’s ambiance. It is important to note that the hue maintains a strong presence and must be used cleverly. Even a single wall in ultramarine blue can make a dramatic design statement. It is also the perfect tool for highlighting a certain design feature. All can take center stage with ultramarine blue from a favorite sofa to a special vintage piece. For a neutral space, accessories in ultramarine can add a dose of spark to the area. Ultramarine blue will elevate these functional spaces by adding the right amount of drama and personality.