Four Customized Multi-Desk Workstation Ideas

Multi-desk setup is a great solution for accommodating work-from-home requirements for everyone. As home offices are becoming a norm, many individuals have found comfort and convenience working from home. Beyond the couch and dining table, a multi-desk setup can ensure a productive and comfortable work environment. We have rounded up some great multi-desk setups from couples to roommates to provide a practical and comfortable workspace for two people.

The lack of space remains a major constraint for designing a home office for two people. Not everyone can allot a formal room to the office and might fit the workspace in a small nook or place it along a single wall. In these cases, customized workstations allow optimizing the space.

With a built-in desk and storage, customized workstations allow for an organized and efficient home office. One of the biggest challenges in a shared workspace remains catering to the needs of each individual. Following are four customized workstations that can fulfill the work requirement of each person. Based on the need for privacy and the ability to collaborate, these multi-desk setups can vouch for productive and efficient home offices for couples and roommates.

Corner multi-desk setups with workstations set perpendicularly

It is truly a challenge to accommodate a desk for two in a small apartment or home. For such compact spaces, a corner remains one of the ideal places for creating a setup for two people. With workstations placed perpendicular to one other, each individual attains a level of privacy. The best feature of customized corner units is the optimum space. The corner between workstations can be a shared storage unit while both people can enjoy a separate storage area on the other end. A corner multi-desk setup is great for small and compact spaces. It can maintain a degree of privacy while offering maximum storage possibility.

A disadvantage of corner units is that the setup may easily feel cluttered. To avoid the problem, opt for a desk with an open base. A built-in wooden desk that stretches out through the entire corner can minimize visual clutter and vouch for a cohesive look. Customized storage is also a great way to keep your space organized and clutter-free. Utilize the corner by adding open shelves and cabinets. Sleek and minimal cabinetry can help keep all your clutter tucked away, out of sight. A hidden power strip is also a great way to keep your workstation clutter-free. Lastly, invest in deep drawers to keep your files and office supplies organized and within easy reach. This way, it can be a productive workspace for two people within a compact space.

One-wall multi-desk setup with adjacent workstations

Another great option for small apartments and homes remains to dedicate a single wall to the home office. It works well if there is a long wall to run a desk along the length for two people. This setup is ideal for a home office that remains a part of a larger room. It allows one side of the office to provide adequate workspace for two. Since the workstations are adjacent, the setup also allows for collaboration. It offers a little privacy with chances to collaborate on certain things. A multi-desk wall design works great if the same company runs a small business together.

A one-wall setup can incur privacy issues for some people, invest in customized shelves right in the center to solve the problem. Privacy shelves can function as a divider while providing a convenient storage unit. Built-in drawers underneath the desk also remain essential to keep all paperwork and technology hidden behind sleek drawers and cabinets. Other add-ons such as a cord management system, keyboard trays, and slide-out printer shelves are great ways to keep the workspace clutter-free. Wall space allows floating shelves to provide additional storage while making the room feel open and airy. A well-organized workstation remains the key to a productive and efficient one-wall multi-desk setup.

T- shaped multi-desk set up for a collaborative workspace

A one-wall setup can also allow for a more collaborative work environment. In this case, a larger space both in terms of length and width. A table extends from the center to work as a shared workspace. It allows for a T-shaped configuration where each individual has a larger surface for work. With a swivel chair, a T-shaped multi-desk remains best for people who constantly need to collaborate on a project.

The T-shaped configuration works best for architects and designers who need a larger area to work. Architects can install a draft table with a customized workstation to transform the space into a small work studio. The configuration can also work for individuals who work for long hours by allowing them to swap one of the work surfaces for a standing desk. A standing desk allows a change of posture and prevents health problems from sitting and working for an extended period. With a large work surface and the ability to collaborate, a T-shaped multi-desk setup allows for much customization to suit the needs of each individual.

A back-to-back setup with a workstation on the opposite walls

A back-to-back setup remains ideal for individuals who prefer complete privacy while working. Preferably, the multi-desk design requires a formal room to allow each person to take one side of the room. The space should also be wide enough to refrain from bumping into one other. If there is adequate space, workstations on either side can provide maximum privacy. It is great for people who easily get distracted and prefer working alone.

Since you have a workstation completely to yourself, the setup gives you much room to personalize. Open shelves provide the perfect opportunity to customize the workspace. Shelves can showcase a collection of books and collectibles to bring personality to the space. If a workstation remains similar in design; accessories can individualize it with upper and lower cabinets to hide all files, documents, and even cords to keep the space organized. A back-to-back setup grants privacy and full control over the workspace.

A multi-desk setup can only succeed by catering to individual needs and requirements. The level of privacy required by each individual remains the most important factor to consider. Also, think about the nature of work and how often you need to collaborate. The next biggest constraint remains the available space. Customized workstations allow one to add or subtract design features for a more enjoyable and productive workspace than working alone tucked away in a corner. A multi-desk setup can create an opportunity to interact, ultimately vouching for a more pleasant work-at-home experience. If you’re ready for a multi-person workstation in your home or office, get a free estimateCall now to discuss your custom workstation project. We’re ready to design and build the workstation of your dreams.