A Guide to Selecting Pet-Friendly Carpet For Your Home

If you are a pet owner, you may feel that carpets may not be the best option for your home. Pets can make a mess, but that does not mean you need to forget about the pleasures of carpeted homes and settle for hard flooring. If you are a distressed pet owner trying to handle the devastating mixtures of carpeting and a pet, then try choosing a pet-friendly carpeting option for the home.

In this blog, Luxe Design Center will guide you in selecting a pet-friendly carpet for your home.

What Should Pet Owners Keep in Mind When Shopping For Flooring?

Comfort should be one of the most significant factors in selecting your flooring. Resistance to wear from your pets’ claws and stain resistance from the occasional spill or dirt tracked from outside should also be considered when shopping for any flooring.

For this reason, stone tiling is one of the less preferable choices, as it is highly resistant to scratching, and it is also harder for pets to walk and lay on it.  Traction is another major concern, especially for dogs with their nails. If you have an emotional pup, more slippery surfaces such as hardwood flooring can mean they end up taking a slide down the hallway in their effort to run and welcome you at the door.


There are many benefits to having carpet in your home, from comfort and warmness to the range of colors and styles perfect for adding a unique touch. However, not all products are created the same. For the best carpets for cats and dogs, select a carpet without loops, as these can potentially snag on your pets’ claws.

Wool is a perfect choice for durability and stain resistance, even though nylon is also cost-efficient with high durability. Carpet tiles are another excellent choice for pet owners, as individual tiles can be replaced. If you plan to use carpet in your home with pets, one of the best ways is in low foot traffic areas such as bedrooms.

Finding the Right Pet-Friendly Carpeting for Homeowners

Choose a spot-resistant option

Among the major problems with carpeting and pets are spots. Pet accidents and spills can create an unsightly mark on the carpeting. To prevent this, you must decide on a carpet that has stain-resistant fabric. Natural fiber carpets are popular since they are sustainable and better than artificial versions. Among the most efficient natural fibers are wool carpets.

Here at Luxe Design Center, we will help you select the right pet-friendly carpet for your home. Before a spill becomes a mark, it is best to clean the spot to avoid damage to your carpeting. If you prefer synthetic fibers, choose polyester or nylon carpeting, both of which are spot-resistant and long-lasting.

Try to Find Similar Colors

You may love attractive white carpeting in the mall, but it may be overwhelming when your furry friend gets dirty paw marks all over the carpet. When cats and dogs shed their fur, the carpet is susceptible to cat or dog hair. Selecting carpet colors that coincide with your pets’ appearance may not stop the spots, but it will help protect and diminish the importance of regular carpet cleaning and may help conceal the imperfections.

Should you notice pet pee damaging your floor, select a water-resistant underlay to prevent damage from regular dampness and to avoid the development of mold and bacteria. Choosing the best carpeting depends on the preferred look and your budget. Luxe Design Center will help you select a high-quality, stain-resistant carpet that can last and endure for a long time. Although you might be enticed to get a low-cost option, recall that these carpeting options can be damaged quickly in a property with pets. 

Selecting the Right Color for Your Pets

There are two choices when it comes to selecting carpet color. One alternative is to choose a shade close to your pet’s hair to minimize the appearance of any fallen pet hair in between vacuuming.

However, another choice is to go with a darker shade to lessen the visual appearance of residual stain marks and to cover the effects of wear and tear. Our Luxe Design Center team is happy to help you find the best pet-friendly carpeting for your home.