8 Holiday DIYs’ You’ll Actually Want To Try

Let’s admit it, as much as we enjoy the festivities associated with the holiday season, sometimes it can be draining. The last few months of the year can feel like a marathon. So here are 8 holiday themed DIYs that you can do at home that make a huge impact.

1. DIY Potpourri

There are a few methods for this particular project. Whether it’s on the stovetop for an immediate result or in the oven for both a visual and scentual impact, this is an easy way to keep the holiday spirit alive.

2. Snow-Free Snowman

Want to make a snowman without the cold? Swap the snow for Styrofoam balls. This is a fun, cute, minimal mess way to bring frosty indoors.

3. Candycane Reindeer

All you’ll need for this project is hot glue, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and buttons. Oh yeah and of course candy canes. The kids will enjoy making this craft and eating it as well.

4. Door Wreath

It’s simple, easy, and customizable. No matter your aesthetic, you can create a wreath that fits right in with the rest of your holiday décor.

5. Custom Ornaments

Decorating your own ornaments is a great way to slow down and create memories with the family. Enjoying the time it takes to decorate and design your ornament may be short lived, but the end result is one that you can enjoy for years to come.

6. Wrapping Paper

Have a little one that enjoys coloring. Roll out the butcher paper and let them go wild. Later you can use the art project to wrap their gifts.

7. Hot Chocolate Station

Elevate your holiday movie night or holiday party with a hot chocolate station with all the thrills.

8. Seasonal Tablescapes

These aren’t just for thanksgiving. Incorporate the same colors and elements from your tree to the table to create cohesive holiday design throughout the home.