12 holiday movie picks that are a must during the holiday season!

What defines a holiday classic in your books? Is it how many times you’ve seen the film? Is it quote ability? Or is it simply a movie that the entire family can enjoy together, both old and young? No matter how you judge it, movie night has become a must when enjoying the holidays. The only question now is what movie to watch. 

Every year there seems to be a new Christmas movie released and vying for our attention. Some over the years have become holiday staples while others blend into the background.

Is the Claymation Rudolph just not your cup of hot chocolate? Is the miracle on 34th street not on your block? Well here is a list of a few movies that are considered the new Christmas classics.

1. Elf

Since its release in 2013, Will Ferrals portrayal of the lovable elf Buddy has won the hearts of audiences both young and old. Can you believe it’s been almost 10 years?

2. The Polar Express

It’s safe to say that Tom Hanks has played and voiced some of the most memorable characters of our childhood, and this movie is no different. In this movie he played not just one but six different characters. All of which are on a magical journey to the North Pole to rediscover the innocence of the holidays. All aboard ‘The Polar Express’.

3. A Christmas Story

Just about every kid at one point or another has wanted a gift for Christmas that our parents just don’t see eye to eye with us on. Although ‘A Christmas Story’ was released in 1983, it’s had a recent resurgence with audiences today.


4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Jim Carey version or the newly released animated version, How The Grinch Stole Christmas has stolen our hearts. Audiences of all ages have a version that speaks to them.

5. Home Alone

There is no way we could leave this film off the list. Whether you’re an adult reminiscing on your childhood shenanigans or a kid looking for new prank inspiration, Home Alone is without a doubt a classic. 

6. The Santa Clause

What’s better than a Christmas movie sequel, a Christmas movie trilogy and a mini series to top it off. This Christmas saga has spanned almost 30 years now, it has truly grown with its viewers and stands a good chance of continuing to do so for more years to come.


7. The Holiday

Did you know that home swapping was a thing before the apps? This cross continental holiday rom-com explores the lives of two women both looking to get away from their lives for the holidays. If you know anything about rom-coms, you know things don’t ever go as planned.


8. Klaus

Released in 2019, this film takes an interesting approach to the Christmas delivery system. This kids movie is one that the entire family can enjoy.


9. The Best Man Holiday

This Christmas themed sequel to a film originally in 1999 is a perfect reminder that not everyone experiences Christmas the same way. This feel good Christmas movie will have you feeling the full spectrum of emotions.


10. Love Actually

Possibly the biggest holiday rom-coms to exist. This movie was truly magical, following the lives of different characters on the biggest holiday of the year. 

11. The Night Before

Leave it to Seth Rogan to create a Christmas comedy unlike any other we’ve seen before. This coming of age film follows 3 friends as they leave a chapter of their life behind to begin the next. But not before they end it with a bang.

12. Krampus

When you think of a Christmas nightmare what comes to mind? Not finding the perfect gift, running out of wrapping paper, or burning the Christmas feast? Well what about a horned beast that takes away misbehaving children? It’s safe to say that not many people opt for the ‘scary’ holiday films, but they exist and Krampus is the most popular of them all.

Let us know if your favorite made the list or if you prefer the classics. Comment below your favorites!