Home office renovation

Imagine finally having an elegant home office that allows you to be productive, to work from home and remotely, and to study or read a book in. A luxury home office redesign is more than just an upgrade but truly an experience. We provide more than custom cabinetry, flooring, wall treatments and status bookshelves. When we do a luxury remodel you will have the opportunity to create your own space with valuable design and decorating advice from one of our designers.

A luxury home office remodel is a design and build project that combines advanced hands-on construction services, specialized materials, and on-site work with a unique high-end look for home offices. Each one is customized to fit the personality of the homeowner and their use, whether that’s being able to take care of business from home or study in peace, or just get some quiet time alone now and then.

When it comes to home office design and remodeling, Luxe Design Center is the visionary in luxury home offices. Whether you have the space for a full home library with custom shelving or a small alcove from a previous closet, we’re here to help. Luxe Design Center offers customized solutions for any space, with an award-winning staff that specializes in transformational design.

Luxe Design Center

How it works

Face-to-face consultation

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Full post-renovation inspection

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